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Are you tracking your campaign results?

It is essential to get accurate numbers and details to prove the success of your digital media campaigns. Now simply tag your URLs with custom variables using Google Analytics URL Builder. It helps you to keep track on which promotions are producing the most traffic/conversions for your Google Adwords Campaign, Facebook Ads, Google Display Advertising, Youtube Ads and any other Pay Per Click & Run on Network Campaigns.

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Campaign Source, Campaign Medium and Campaign Name should always be used.

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What is URL Builder?

The Google URL Builder is a very simple tool that helps you get rid of guessing accurately how much benefit each of your digital media campaigns is producing. It is a process of tracking which helps you to know how visitors are reaching your website.

Why should you Tag URLs?

URL tagging helps you to gain a deeper understanding for the overall performance of your campaign. GA UTM Source Builder provides conversions tracking, counts of impressions, clicks and click-through rate. Google Analytics URL Builder will help you view stats like page views per visit, average time spent on site by a visitor, % new visitors and re-visits on website. The stats that you get will also allow you to gain deep understanding about your campaigns that can help you to make correct changes.

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